33% off! Rainy Day Sale at Mykori Dessert Cafe

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Head to your nearest Mykori outlet for 33% off when it rains! Yes, you read that right – Mykori customers get 33% off when it’s raining!

And yes, whether it’s:

  • Heavy rain
  • Thunder and lightning
  • A light drizzle
  • A moderate rain

It still counts, as long as it’s raining!

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  1. Nur Syafiqa Azlin

    Good service 👍🏻

  2. Juliet Cua

    Yummy dessert and nice store ambiance.

  3. Joey Al Arsin Fulgencio

    Happy Eating

  4. Joey Al Arsin Fulgencio

    Happy Eating. Yey!!!!

  5. Nur haziyah

    Variety flavour and interesting presentation 😍

  6. Aqilah Shahirah

    Delicious dessert!! Wanna repeat again!

  7. Aqilah Shahirah


  8. Aqilah Shahirah

    How to put receipt

  9. Mirrah Shuhada Binti Samad

    Yummy dessert and always my favorite🥰🥰

  10. Sin Run Hui

    Tasty desert and good service. Will come again.



  12. Agus Setiawan

    I love mykori desert..famous kaki gori in malaysia,and mytown branches near my house,so i can visit anytime..😍

  13. Azilah halip



    First ever try at mykori. Trying chocolate honey smore’s toast. Have a greatest evening with the dessert. So in love with MyKori 😉

  15. Seha saffar

    Having Kakigori Boru for my tea time. Just a second and finished it already. The shaved ice taste amazing with fresh fruits on top of it. Will repeat again soon.

  16. Linda Ramli

    Hi… I Love Mykori desert… Yummmyyyy 😘😍

  17. anis syazwani bt jamaludin

    MYKORI dessert always be no. 1 . So tasty and delicious. yummy…

  18. Yushanthini

    First time having kenko kakigori,its so tasty that eventually released my stress from my studying period for my major exam…was busy studying but now busy enjoying the delicious and fresh taste of the yogurt ice ,honeydew and mango topped with healthy almonds,sunflower seeds,corn flakes…..

  19. Nurnajiha nazri

    I love mykori ,so delicious n yummy ❤

  20. Norlaily Kamaruddin

    My kids love Mykori so much!!!!!!

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