Signature Kakigori

Matcha Latte Kakigori

Large: RM21 / Mini: RM13

Matcha, well known for its antioxidant and metabolism-boosting properties, has garnered millions of fans worldwide. Our classic dessert consisting of adzuki (Japanese sweetened red bean paste), kuromitsu jelly (Japanese brown sugar syrup jelly) and green tea matcha ice is a must-try! Continue reading

Melon Kakigori


With melon milk, ice fresh melon, nata de coco & almond Continue reading

Milo Kakigori

Large: RM21 / Mini: RM13
With milk ice, milo nuggets, milo crunch, milo sauce as well as creme chantilly and milo powder. Continue reading

Mont Fuji Kakigori

Large: RM22 / Mini: RM14

Made with yogurt ice, fresh strawberry, fresh mango, charcoal cream and almond dice. Continue reading

Mont Mauve Kakigōri

Large: RM25 / Mini: RM17

Made with mix berry ice, fresh strawberries, blueberries & raspberrys! Topped up with whipped cream and kuriaro rose powder. Continue reading

Passion Fruit Kakigori

Large: RM22 / Mini: RM14

Made from passionfruit yogurt ice, passion boba pops, passion jelly and creme chantilly. Continue reading

Pink Kiss Kakigori

Large: RM20 / Mini: RM12

Made of bandung ice, brownies, raspberries, creme chantilly as well as chocolate sauce! Continue reading

Popcorn Kakigori

Large: RM20 / Mini: RM12
With milk ice, kuromitsu jelly, premium caramel popcorn as well as caramel toffee sauce. Continue reading

Red Melon Kakigori

Large: RM26

Made with milk ice, watermelon, nata de coco as well as lychee. Continue reading

Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori

Large: RM22 / Mini: RM14

Made of milk ice, fresh strawberry, cheesecake, cracker crumbs, whipping cream & strawberry puree! Continue reading