Signature Toast

Chocolate Add On (for Signature Toast)


Chocolate Banana Strawberry Toast


With chocolate, as well as real banana and strawberry chunks. Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Toast


Heavenly goodness of chocolate with generous slices of banana guarantees to please your tastebud. Fun fact: Banana, nicknamed happy-mood fruit helps overcome depression.

Chocolate Caramel Banana Toast


Chocolate Honey Smores Toast

Sweeten up your life with honey and chocolate S’more French toast. Crunchy on the outside, soft, melty in the inside. Served with two scoops of ice cream of your choice. We recommend coconut ice cream to jazz up the flavours!

Chocolate Strawberry Toast


With real strawberries and two scoops of ice cream of your choice! Continue reading

Classic Shibuya Honey Toast


Honey Add On (for Signature Toast)


Did you know that honey almost never expires? Due to honey’s hygroscopy and low pH, two qualities that make it difficult for the sticky substance to spoil. Even if you didn’t understand a word of that, you would agree that honey goes well on a lot of items – including our Signature Toast!

Ice Cream Flavours (Choose 2 with Signature Toast)


Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Coconut, Matcha, Thai Tea. Two scoops with every Signature Toast order, or add on an additional scoop for RM4.

Mango Honey Crunch Toast


Made with real mangoes, served with two scoops of ice cream of your choice.