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  • Thanks for considering to be a licensee for MyKori. Do fill in this form, and we will get back to you within 2 working days. Mykori Dessert Cafe adopts a licensing model for our expansion (which differs slightly from franchising)

    MyKori is poised and ready for further expansion with over 65 outlets already, and we are set to have twice this amount in 2020. Please note that this form is strictly for those that wish to own and operate a MyKori outlet. For other enquiries, please contact us via the contact or careers page.


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    Note: While a background in F&B is not required, but a willingness to commit time to learn the day to day operations is essential. Should you be applying as a team, please note that at least 1 member will need to be available to oversee day to day operations.

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    Please do take note of our existing outlet locations as well (available under the outlet page) - locations too close to our current outlets are less likely to be considered. Please note that while all current MyKori outlets have a minimum size of 1000 sq ft and are located in shoplots, we may make exceptions if it can be ensured if the place has a sufficient audience and provides convenient logistics support. We would also require that licensees be able to match our opening hours of 2PM-11PM daily (and longer slightly on weekends), or exceed them. In the case of certain areas that get visitors throughout the day, eg transportation hubs, it would be favourable to have extended operation hours.