In regards to your question, Mykori Dessert Cafe is in the midst of processing our application (as of July 2019) and are on track to having our halal status by this year (2019). All ingredients used in Mykori are from halal certified supplier from JAKIM. All Mykori outlets are actually Muslim friendly cafes, and we also ensure all food handling in all outlets and hygiene is according to proper procedure to according to industrial standards. We hope this addresses your concerns.
We provide takeaway service for Signature Kakigori & Taiyaki.
If you wish to own and operate a Mykori Dessert Cafe outlet, please fill up the Licensing Enquiry on our website, and we will get back to you with more details. If you wish to speak to a representative, do contact our hotline at +60182814508.
Here’s the page with the full outlet details: And here’s a map where you can view Mykori outlets across Malaysia.

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