Mykori : Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori

Do you know that tiramisu means “pick me up” in Italian? Hurry up! Our Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori is waiting you to pick them up! :p

Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori from Mykori Dessert Cafe

When we said chocolate, we mean it – our Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori made of milky flavor-bathed ice, filled with crispy chocolate balls, cocoa powder, topped with shredded chocolate. It also contains fluffy crème chantilly, shredded chocolate and of course, it contains two pieces of Tiramisu cake within – a rich treat blending the bold flavours of cocoa and espresso with savory mascarpone cheese. This Kakigori will be the 19th flavor  in our menu so far, hurry on to Mykori and enjoy it while stocks last!